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2023 CFA Program Curriculum Level I Box Set CFA Institute



Prepare for success on the 2023 CFA Level I exam with the latest official CFA® Program Curriculum.

The 2023 CFA Program Curriculum Level I Box Set contains all the material you need to succeed on the Level I CFA exam in 2023. This set includes the full official curriculum for Level I and is part of the larger CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK).

Highly visual and intuitively organized, this box set allows you to:

  • Learn from financial thought leaders.
  • Access market-relevant instruction.
  • Gain critical knowledge and skills.

The set also includes practice questions to assist with your recall of key terms, concepts, and formulas. The volumes in Level I’s box set are:

  • Volume 1: Quantitative Methods
  • Volume 2: Economics and Financial Statement Analysis
  • Volume 3: Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Issuers
  • Volume 4: Corporate Issuers, Equity, Investments, and Fixed Income
  • Volume 5: Fixed Income, Derivatives, Alternative Investments, and Portfolio Management
  • Volume 6: Portfolio Management and Ethical and Professional Standards

Perfect for anyone preparing for the 2023 Level I CFA exam, the 2023 CFA Program Curriculum Level I Box Set is a must-have resource for those seeking the foundational skills required to become a Chartered Financial Analyst®.

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