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Doing Business in the MENA Region: Insights from the EFMD Case Writing Competition by Kerbache


Leadership and management education has relied too heavily on insights from North America and Europe – regions where growth has stagnated in recent years. In this book, EFMD and the top ranked business school HEC Paris have teamed up to explore and critically review key cases in leadership, management and several functional areas in the MENA region. The MENA region hosts a variety of countries with tremendous growth opportunities in both the present and future. Simultaneously, the region is highly heterogeneous. GDP, overall development and the nature of players and competition differ drastically. Based on the best submissions of the annual EFMD case competition, this book enables the reader to learn more about the success factors as well as the particularities of the region. The book is intended for all those readers interested in exploring to what extent doing business is culture-bound versus culture-free. With rich descriptions of contrasted settings, unique insights into the specific challenges and new solutions tailored to better prepare future actions, this book will be required reading for management scholars in many disciplines.

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