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Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets, Global Edition Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets, 8th Global Edition by Dr. John C. Hull


A reader-friendly book with an abundance of numerical and real-life examples.

Based on Hull’s Options, Futures and Other Derivatives, Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets presents an accessible and student-friendly overview of the topic without the use of calculus. Packed with numerical examples and accounts of real-life situations, this text effectively guides students through the material while helping them prepare for the working world.


Present the basics: Material that’s accessible for beginners. Fundamentals of Futures and Options Markets covers the core material addressed in Hull’s Options, Futures and Other Derivatives but does so in a way that’s easier for undergraduate students to understand. So whether it’s your first day of college or you’re a tenured professor, this book is on your level.

Offer the latest software: DerivaGem version 2.01 is included with this book. Version 2.01 of DerivaGem allows credit derivatives to be valued, is compatible with Macs and Windows, and consists of two Excel applications:

  • The Options Calculator consists of easy-to-use software for valuing a wide range of options.
  • The Applications Builder consists of a number of Excel functions from which users can build their own applications. It includes a number of sample applications, enables students to explore the properties of options and numerical procedures more easily, and allows for additional assignments to be designed.
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